Alumni Involved in Local Booming Art Institution

Image courtesy of Young At Art and Bedlam Lorenz Assembly.
Image courtesy of Young At Art and Bedlam Lorenz Assembly.

College of Architecture + The Arts alumni from the Department of Art + Art History are heavily involved in two South Florida institutions. Young at Art (YAA) and Bedlam Lorenz Assembly (BLA) are exposing the community – both young and old – to art and culture, and to the development of the arts in South Florida. Bedlam Lorenz Assembly is a component of the Young at Art Museum. The former was founded in 2011 as a nonprofit contemporary arts and adult-based exhibition and event organizer within Young at Art Museum, which focuses more on the community’s youth and youth-centered activities. Young at Art Museum provides studio art classes for children taught by professional artists, has been named the “Best Children’s Art Museum in the Nation” by Child magazine in 2002, and was nationally recognized by the American Association of Museums in 2011. So far, Bedlam Lorenz Assembly has hosted eight major exhibitions and twenty artist workshops across Davie, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami, and has organized a semi-permanent installation and mural in Fort Lauderdale’s F.A.T. Village arts district. BLA has also funded the work of well-known South Florida artists and has been named “Best Curator of 2013” by the New Times Broward-Palm Beach.


Image courtesy of Young At Art and Bedlam Lorenz Assembly.
Image courtesy of Young At Art and Bedlam Lorenz Assembly.

Alumna Tara Penick (BA ’12) is the Documentation Director for Bedlam Lorenz Assembly and is a member of the institution’s board. She captures images of the events and shows that BLA hosts, and liaises with outside sources for BLA. Additionally, she has taught black-and-white darkroom classes at the Young at Art Museum. She considers her total experience at the institutions rewarding and exciting. She views her time as a student at FIU as a great precursor to her current opportunity at BLA and YAA. “My education at FIU prepared me to construct ideas with my peers, to edit and curate work. My education and experience at FIU was also based around my fellow peers: helping each other out in the studio, classroom, and darkroom[. T]hus, [this] has also prepared me in the classroom setting [at YAA]. [FIU, also,] has [taught me how to be] flexible in working with various artists and ideas.”

Among the alumni and faculty involved at the Young at Art Museum and Bedlam Lorenz Assembly are:

Martin Casuso
Jillian Mayer
Julian Pardo
Tara Penick
Jesus Petroccini
Samantha Salzinger
Zack Spechler
Peggy Levison Nolan
Hugo Moro

On Friday, January 24, 2013, BLA members and many FIU alumni will exhibit at Abracadabra at the Art & Culture Center of Hollywood: 1650 Harrison St., Hollywood, FL 33020. Tickets for entrance are $35.

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