Alumna Jillian Mayer (’07) Fulfills Residency in North Carolina


On October 23rd, College of Architecture + The Arts BFA alumna Jillian Mayer (’07) returned from a residency in North Carolina. Mayer fulfilled the residency at the Elsewhere Museum in Greensboro as a part of the National Endowment for the Arts’s Southern Constellation Fellowship program.

Mayer wanted to learn more about this program at the Elsewhere Museum, which is a former three-story thrift shop that still keeps its antiquated items for artistic use. During her four weeks as a Southern Constellation Fellow, Mayer appreciated the residency for the freedom and distraction it lent to her creative process. She felt that she could “play again” with her creativity. Also, she enjoyed being a part of the artistic scene in Greensboro, though it is a small scene. “It seemed only to make sense that I can be involved in another community that has artistic goals,” said Mayer, “in a city that is not particularly known for its art but still has a unique, interesting and innovative scene.”

The featured image is taken by Sara Grange, and courtesy of the David Castillo Gallery.

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