A+AH Basel: Marcos Valella, Part of Art Basel Miami Beach Studio Visits


Marcos Valella (BFA ’03) was invited by the Art Basel tour committee to participate in its Art Basel Miami Beach Studio Tour program. Valella’s studio was open for touring on Saturday, December 7th, 2013.

Valella mainly paints oil on canvas. He said, “My paintings are produced (most of the times) in series, as multiples that [do] not necessarily evolve in neither vertical nor linear method but as a homogeneous structure.” He considers his focus an “exhaustion with the language of painting.” He said, “By default, this exhaustion surrenders to performing (as an artist) so by minimizing the gesture and acting upon it; [it] allows me to set up a conceptual grounding for these limited actions to exist….[M]y paintings are less about a mark as they are a complex compound of practices…[A]ll facets of my practice are allocated to a few single repeating acts within a repeating series of paintings, contained in performance.”

All images on this page are provided courtesy of Marcos Valella.

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