A+AH Alumnus Mikey Muench (’12) Exhibits at Local Art Night


IMG_6902College of Architecture + The Arts’ BFA alumnus Mikey Muench (‘12) showed his work at Wagons West Restaurant’s Art Night in Pinecrest. Muench launched Paint Show with BFA student Edgaryn Abreu. The show displayed Muench’s manipulation of the medium, as he exercised his own twist to the painting form.

IMG_6901Muench used oil and acrylic paint and blank canvases for his pieces. However, he only squeezed a paint tube of a certain color onto a canvas, and then he added other colors that complimented the first. The simplicity of his work emphasizes the paint, itself, and its structure on the blank canvas. “There’s no mixing involved,” said Muench. “[The paint looks] just the way [it] came out of the tube.” Muench wanted to bring focus to the medium of painting and the tools that are used for it. “The paint is its own structure, [and] it…takes on its own shape…its own play.” Muench graduated from FIU with a concentration in video art. He adopted the painting form for Paint Show because he wanted to work with and experience a very physical medium of art.

When reflecting on the form, Muench rejected the idea of its demise. “Painting is never going to die. It’s endless.”

Paint Show was displayed on Saturday, November 2nd at Wagons West Restaurant for its Art Night.

The images are provided by Mikey Muench.

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