11 / 11 Exhibition Features Faculty Member, Alumna


11 / 11 – Eleven Artists on the Eleventh Month, a new exhibition in the Miami cultural community, will feature Associate Professor Pip Brant  and alumna Mary Larsen (FIU BFA ’12). The exhibit is curated by Rafael Lopez-Ramos, in cooperation with Sergio Payares Studio in support of Miami local artists.

This exhibition “includes 11 artists and is occurring in the eleventh month of the year, November – a coincidence that turns into synchronicity. Thus, the 11:11 numerical sequence popped-up. There is no better image / concept to found an artistic project on than these numerals, evocative of human growing and spiritual enlightenment –a path especially important in times of turmoil and distress as the ones humankind is going through now.” (Source: Rafael Lopez-Ramos)

This show is about gathering art works on a true spirit of friendship, and these works result from a similar concept of art that seeks a balance between a thoughtful narrative and a crafting that corresponds to its aesthetic and semiotic needs, but is in no way an end by itself. Art is a way of thinking with the tip of the fingers, while teaching its viewers to think with their eyes. (Source: Rafael Lopez-Ramos)

The artists in the 11 /11 exhibition are:

Pip Brant
Adriano Buergo
Randy Burman
Ana Albertina Delgado
Miguel Dotres
Tomas Esson (on loan from the Stefania Barrionuevo Collection)
Mary Larsen
Rafael Lopez-Ramos
Sergio Payares
Natasha Perdomo
Magin Perez Ortiz

11 / 11 – Eleven Artists on the Eleventh Month opens on Friday, November 7th, 2014 at 7PM at 1480 NE 131 St. Unit 105, North Miami FL 33161. For more information, call (305)-338-2968.

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