Winners of CANVAS Eco-Couture Recycled Fashion Show


The CANVAS Eco-Couture Recycled Fashion Show at FIU on April 2nd was a success! The event featured intelligent, environmentally-conscious designs and supported the furthering of FIU School of Architecture education.

Winners of the fashion show received scholarships for their designs. The 2015 winners are listed below.

1st Place ($1,000)

JGP-FIU-ECO-2015-6408Adrienne Canter and Susana Alonso (soda can tabs and zip ties)
Photograph by Jessenia Gonzalez

2nd Place ($500)

JGP-FIU-ECO-2015-2837Ana Reyes and Grecian Estrada (dryer sheets and bottle caps)
Photograph by Jessenia Gonzalez

3rd Place ($250)

DSC_0131_AwakeMagPhotoMonica Cordera (old calendars and nespresso tabs)
Photograph by Awake Magazine

People’s Choice

DSC_0249_AwakeMagPhotoPeople’s Choice, $100: VA Collective (foliage)
Photograph by Awake Magazine

FIU Architecture alumna Amira Ajlouni (M.Arch ’14) started Eco-Couture in Spring 2014. At the time, the fashion show was a part of her thesis project, but she is now continuing it as a new tradition for the FIU School of Architecture with the help of current FIU Architecture student Jennifer Luis. When asked about the genesis of her idea, Ajlouni said that she “wanted people to see recycled materials in a different light . . . I also wanted people to be inspired . . . finally, I wanted to start a tradition.”

Eco-Couture was created with the purpose of promoting sustainability through fashion. Through collaborative effort from FIU students, the FIU Office of Sustainability, and Florida International University’s School of Architecture, Eco-Couture featured a recycled fashion show competition, giveaways of recycled projects, and recycled art installations. Through this event, Eco-Couture strived to educate and inspire the community about good recycling habits and a sustainable lifestyle. (Source: FIU Eco-Couture)

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