Studio Exhibits Infill Housing Designs at Bas Fisher Invitational


URBAN_VARIANTS, an exhibit by faculty and students of the College of Architecture + The Arts’ Department of Architecture, will open at Bas Fisher Invitational on November 1st. The exhibit will feature new designs for Miami urban buildings that focus on infill housing.

Graduate Design 6 and Formative Studio 2, along with some faculty of the Architecture Department, traveled to Savannah, Georgia in Spring 2013 with Chair and Associate Professor Jason Chandler, AIA. There, they studied the infill housing structures and how they generate a balance between private and public life in the city. “Infill urbanism is the incremental development of scattered sites over time with modest buildings,” said Chandler, who is the coordinator of this studio. “…To infill is to occupy an existing condition. In an urban context, infilling is the construction of a building that occupies the entire lot.” Through the studio, students learned about this design method, and made contrasts with Miami’s urban, high-rise condominiums and its suburban flat, vacant lots. Students and faculty envisioned a Miami with a “[neighborhood] of a middle scale,” as Chandler put it. “In other cities,” said Chandler, “such urban neighborhoods are often the most vibrant….”

Each student studied the buildings in downtown Miami and designed their own models of infill housing for the city. Collectively, students created more than 100 designs, some of which will be displayed in URBAN_VARIANTS. Chandler and the studio hope that this exhibit will encourage architects to focus more on sustainable design that, at the same time, helps to energize and beautify the urban environment.

URBAN_VARIANTS, by Department Chair and Associate Professor Jason Chandler and the Graduate Design 6 and Formative Studio 2 courses will have an Opening Reception on Friday, November 1 at 6PM, at Bas Fisher Invitational, 100 NE 11 Street, Miami, FL 33132.

The studio behind URBAN_VARIANTS is supported by the Knight Foundation ( and Townhouse Center (

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