Students recognized at FIU School of Architecture Graduate Awards


The FIU School of Architecture Spring 2014 Graduate Awards ceremony took place on Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 at the Paul L. Cejas School of Architecture building. The ceremony was a celebration for the graduates, as the SOA faculty wished them the best in their professional careers post-academia. The Graduate Awards ceremony, also, recognized graduates of outstanding academic merit and service to the FIU community. On that same day, the Spring 2014 graduates from the School of Architecture walked with their cap and gown and received their degrees at FIU’s U.S. Century Bank Arena.

The FIU School of Architecture (SOA) emphasizes student-centered education. To achieve this, the FIU SOA combines the best of both worlds: the expansive experience of a large state university, and the more nuanced, personalized education of a smaller university setting. These attributes were well conveyed at

The following students were recognized by the FIU College of Architecture + The Arts Department of Architecture.

Service Award
Lourdes Picanes, President of AIAS
Eneida Pinon, President of Alpha Rho Chi
Renate Paris, President of Tau Sigma Delta

Leadership Award
Amira Ajlouni, Leadership and Planning of the Eco-Couture Fashion Show

Graduate Certificate in Architectural History, Theory and Criticism
Lissette Clark
Elizabeth Diaz
Andrea Estrada
Gustavo Masis-Flores
Tiffany Reyes
Delia Rivera
Yesenia Hernandez
Jeanne Canto
Giovani Guadarrama
Gergana Panteva
Einada Pinon
Roxana Macias
Gabriela Sanchez

Master Project Award

Urbanism in Downtown Miami:” Gray Read
Amira Ajlouni
Brigette Perez

From Flagrant Objects to Discrete Networks:” Eric Goldemberg
Indra Alam
Patrick Soares

Transition and Redevelopment of the Guantanamo Naval Base in Cuba:” Jaime Canaves
Mark Stojadinovich
Agnieszka Kardasz

Insertions: Always in Progress:” Malik Benjamin
Renate Paris
Adam Feinstein

Miami Beach 2100:” Marilys Nepomechie
Ashwini Tayshetye
Ana Echeverri

Light, Layering and Porosity:” Camilo Rosales
Lisa Chang
Diana Viera

Open Themes: Architectural Instincts:” Alfredo Andia
Dean McMurry
Marco Campa

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