Students Present with MONAD Studio/Eric Goldemberg + Veronica Zalcberg at Miami Tech Summit


On Thursday, November 7th, MONAD Studio, founded by Associate Professor Eric Goldemberg and architect Veronica Zalcberg, presented a project at the 2nd Annual Miami Tech Summit & Holiday Bash. Sponsored by The LAB Miami and assisted by students representing the College of Architecture + The Arts, MONAD Studio created a piece that focused on musical rhythm and its potential relationship to architecture. Called “Stuck Together Pieces,” the project – a six-and-a-half-foot by four-foot piece designed and created in only three weeks – was exhibited at Marlins Park Stadium, center field for the celebration. The Tech Summit  was sold out and attended by more than 12,000 people, who viewed “Stuck Together Pieces” and discussed it with MONAD Studio and the FIU Architecture students.

“Stuck Together Pieces,” according to Professor Goldemberg, was created to represent rhythmic affect through design. “[It was] created using the best of our digital fabrication equipment here at FIU,” said Goldemberg, “[and was a collaboration with] a really focused group of students who participated enthusiastically in the execution.” The project aims to show layers of musical rhythm woven together in a concrete format. “How do you create…architecture that feels like a painting, and also feels like a piece of music?” Goldemberg wants to remove the boundaries between disciplines – in this case, architecture, art, and music.

In Spring 2014, a new iteration of “Stuck Together Pieces” will be featured in a large group exhibition at Design Matters in Los Angeles, next to the works of prominent, international artists and designers. The piece will be adjusted for use as a DJ console and extended to include a sofa-type lounge component.

The following students assisted MONAD Studio with the project:


Andrea Perelli
John Gioello

Patrick Soares
Manuel Perez-Trujillo
Hex Ceballos
Ralph Santos
Jamie Musgrave
Fresnel Hernandez

Image courtesy of Eric Goldemberg.

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