Students participate in Alpha Rho Chi National Convention, March 20-23


apxFrom March 20th to 23rd, students from the College of Architecture + The Arts will represent the Department of Architecture at the Alpha Rho Chi National Centennial Convention in Chicago, Illinois.

At the Convention, Professor David Rifkind will receive the 2014 Gold Medal Award, which has been given before to IM Pei and Buckminster Fuller. The Gold Medal Award is the highest honor in Alpha Rho Chi, which is the only national co-ed professional-social fraternity for architecture and the allied arts. In 1992, Rifkind was awarded the Alpha Rho Chi Bronze Medal when he graduated from the Boston Architectural Center. This year, he and Malik Benjamin, Instructor and Director of Program Innovation were initiated into the fraternity as faculty brothers.

The following individuals will represent Florida International University at the Alpha Rho Chi Centennial Convention:

Frank Alonso
Santiago Arroyave
Denise Bujalil
Jeanne Canto
Irvin Cuellar
Nancy de La Vega
Anna Drescher
Lorena Gomez
Kathleen Guede
Miguel Hernandez
Ebehi Ijewere
Luis Jimenez
Anica Lompre
Alexandra Lopez
Diego Martinez
Agustin Martins
Thais Mathais
Andrea Mayor
Ruben Pacheco
Cynthia Parada
Michael Peisel
Eneida Pinon
Alex Quinonez
David Rifkind
Maria Sol Rivera
Brian Rivera
Marvin Rodriguez
Camila Romero
Jessica Suarez
Kevin Villar

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