Students defy all odds at the 27th Annual “Walk on Water” Event


Spectators, faculty and family members gathered near the Green Lake by FIU’s Dorothea Green Library on November 10th, 2016 to watch architecture students do the impossible – ‘Walk on Water’. This year, the event hosted by the Department of Architecture, celebrated its 27th year of its inception and has become a staple event for Florida International University.

FIU Architecture Professor Jaime Canaves started the race 27 years ago for the students of his Materials & Methods of Construction class. The race consists of designing and building ‘shoes’ to cross the lake without falling into the water. Over 50 students signed up to participate in the competition, allowing for two separate races of $1000 prizes to take place.

Winners of the first race, were FIU’s Immanuel Miranda-Burns and William Valle Pinto and the second race victory went to Adriana Garcia and Patricia Ponce from FIU as well.

This year, with the help from sponsor CGI Impact Resistant Windows & Doors, Walk on Water, was a state wide event. For the first time, student teams from Palm Beach State College and the University of Florida joined in and participated in the race.

The future plans for the Department of Architecture and event organizers is to make FIU’s Walk on Water a nationwide event, allowing for students from numerous schools to participant in the spirit and tradition of FIU.

To view more pictures of the race, click here and here. | Local News coverage on event on CBS4 and WSVN 7.

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