Students Awarded at 2017 Architecture Master Project Juries


At the conclusion of every spring semester, FIU’s Department of Architecture hosts Master Project Juries for graduate students on their final term. These juries mark a completion of an incredible feat that consists of long hours, studio reviews, pinups and dedication.

This year, the Class of 2017’s Master Project Juries took place at FIU’s Miami Beach Urban Studios (MBUS) on April 21. Fifteen graduate students received awards for excellence in design and best thesis presentations.

The Master’s Projects focused on a wide range of creative research topics including urban development and sustainability. Assigned juries consisted of department faculty and invited industry professionals from local and international architectural design firms.

Special guests included renowned French Architect, José Oubrerie and Mexican architect, Gabriela Carrillo.

All graduate students participated in the final thesis presentations and juries. Once completed, the jurors cast votes for the top two, master thesis projects of each design studio.

The following is a list of the Spring 2017 Master Project Award Recipients:

Malik Benjamin Studio
Monica Rodriguez
Vikki Tou Liu

Jaime Canaves Studio
Fernando Canal
Jessica Dickinson

Nick Gelpi Studio
Evelyn Iglesias
Olga Kusche-Iglesias

Eric Goldemberg Studio
Alejandro Diaz
Vivian Contreras & Robby Pena

Neil Leach Studio 
Hadi Alhaffar
Maria Moyano

Marilys Nepomechie Studio
Helena Hung
Jasmin Jenkins

Henry Rueda Studio
Mylene Garcia
Juan Gatica

Congratulations to the award recipients and to the entire CLASS OF 2017!

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