Student Veronica Jaile Wins Thinking Local Award at the 2015 Sustainability Competition


On Monday, January 25th, FIU Architecture student Veronica Jaile won the Thinking Local Award at the 2015 Sustainability Competition.

FTLOW_22x28_A (1)Jaile submitted her project “For the Love of Wynwood,” which aims to bring recycling awareness to and start a sustainability movement in local Wynwood bars. “For the Love of Wynwood” was inspired by the boom in breweries and bars moving into the compact neighborhood and, yet, the absence of any recycling options for the beers consumed in these establishments. Jaile’s project reimagines typical bar trash bins into up-cycled glass and aluminum receptacles created from old wood pallets. It makes recycling effortless by surveying the most common bottle and can shapes and creating designated recycling bins. The idea is not only to drink reasonably but also recycle reasonably.

Because she won the Thinking Local Award for this project, Jaile will enjoy a one-month unlimited membership at Moonlighter, which is a venue for creative collaboration, personal manufacturing, and engaging in the design process started by FIU Architecture alumni Tom Pupo and Daisy Nodal. The concept of Moonlighter was created when Pupo and Nodal were students at FIU (more info). The venue features and supports the work of local designers, artists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and hobbyists, and aspires to engage our communities with fun, STEAM educational experiences that foster the growing maker movement. (Source)

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