Protégé of famed modern architect, Jose Oubrerie Presents



FIU’s School of Architecture is glad to announce the visit of Jose Oubrerie, the protégé of famed architect and pioneer of modern architecture, Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, also known as Le Corbusier.

The French architect will delight us with his knowledge for three consecutive days during the month of February at FIU’s School of Architecture. Starting with a lecture on Valentine’s Day, Oubrerie will give a seminar on the Le Corbusier studies and share lunchtime with students and faculty at the College of Architecture + The Arts’ Miami Beach Urban Studios (MBUS)

In the early 1960’s, Oubrerie had the honor to work under the mentorship of Le Corbusier in the last years of his life, in the Church Saint-Pierre in Firminy, France.  This project was delayed for 40 years due to lack of  funding and later completed by Oubrerie in 2006.

Currently, Jose Oubrerie is a professor at Ohio State University in the Knowlton School of Architecture.

Join us for this unique and exiting opportunity as Jose Oubrerie, Cejas Scholar, delivers lectures on the “Le Corbusier.”

Mark you calendar for February 14-16. For more information, please click here

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