Professor Nick Gelpi’s Force Frames Opens at BEA Gallery


On Thursday, November 7th, College of Architecture + The Arts Assistant Professor Nick Gelpi opened Force Frames at the BEA International Gallery. The exhibition features designs and a built installation that examines the tension within a structure. Visitors are invited to lightly tap on the frames of the pavilion to sense this tension.

The pavilion’s frames are connected by custom-made, 3D-printed joints – each one, extraordinarily, having a unique measurement and body. Blue string connects the frames by the edges, to visually represent the tension between the structure’s parts. “As the frames are squeezed their shapes change” said Gelpi. “The thinness of the structure allows movement and motion and reveals forces in various appearances.”

To see Force Frames, visit the BEA International Gallery at the Paul L. Cejas School of Architecture, at the FIU Modesto A. Maidique Campus.

The following individuals participated in Assistant Professor Nick Gelpi’s Force Frames:



Dean McMurry     Julia Sarduy     Noel Palacios     Jorge Rodriguez

Zoe Russian     Jorge Bonsenor     Leah Davis     Maria Sol Rivera
Priscilla Cuadra     Natalia Cardenas     Naaly Pierre     Ebehi Ijewere     Agustin Martins
Adam Feinstein     Daniel Rodriguez     Giovanna Gallardo     Monica Rodriguez
Mauricio Gonzales     Yasaman Sadigh


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