New Book on Automation Published by Alfredo Andia and Thomas Spiegelhalter


The College of Architecture + Arts’ Alfredo Andia (Associate Professor) and Thomas Spiegelhalter (Associate Professor and Co-Director of the FIU Structures and Environmental Technologies Lab) have published Post-Parametric Automation in Design and Construction (ARTECH HOUSE, 2014), a new book set to be released on Tuesday, September 30th.

The following synopsis of the book is provided by Andia and Spiegelhalter.

Automation, a mixture of algorithms, robots, software, and avatars, is transforming all types of jobs and industries. This book responds to one critical question for the design and construction industry: “how are architects, engineers, and contractors using information technology to further automate their practices?” Addressing the use of new digital technologies, particularly parametric automation for design and construction in the building industry, this book looks at how technologically advanced architectural and engineering practices are semi-automating their design processes by using sophisticated algorithms to transform their workflows. The book also documents a set of firms that are further advancing automation by using pre-fabrication, modularization, and custom designs via robotics.

Together, Andia and Spiegelhalter have previously published works such as “Topological and Parametric Temperatures in Architectural Academia,” a peer-reviewed research paper presented at the 2012 ACSA International Conference: CHANGE, Architecture, Education, Practices in Barcelona.

Andia earned his Ph.D. from the College of Environmental Design at the University of California, Berkeley. Spiegelhalter earned his Master in Design and Architecture from the University of the Arts in Berlin.

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