My Job as an Educator at Inlet Grove Community High School


Name: Ayhan Lambaz

Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL

Degree/Major: Architecture

Where are you working? Job Title? Inlet Grove Community High School, Professor for Pre-Architecture and Pre-Engineering

How did you get your job?

After working in the field and experiencing the challenges of being a recent graduate from an Architecture and Engineering school. I decided to take the job with my local school district to educate young professionals at the high school level with the tools and steps needed to succeed. I teach latest state-of-the-art design technology and skills, such as AutoCAD (Computer Aided Design) and Building Information Technology (BIM) using Revit.

What was your greatest fear going into your first job and how did you face it or overcome it?

Greatest fear was having no real-life exposure. You overcome it by staying proud of your academic achievement and how far you came.

What surprised you the most about your first job?

My biggest surprise was that in the field of Architecture and Engineering they expect you to have experience as a recent graduate. That was an indicator that something is missing in the process of becoming an architect, and I needed to be that change.

What advice do you have for those beginning the job search process?

Start early on while you are in school even if it means taking time off to do an internship.

What does a day on the job look like?

Nothing like a day in school. Completely different world. It’s all about billable hours and how you can contribute to the team

How does your job connect back to your coursework?

Just in time management.

How has your transition from school to work? How do you balance your time?

Again, it’s all about time management.

What’s been the coolest thing about your job so far?

Giving back to the community and working in charity events that makes you part of the community. Design for change.

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