MONAD Studio’s work published in Italian journal ‘Architetti’


The work of MONAD Studio/Eric Goldemberg + Veronica Zalcberg has been published in the Italian journal Architetti.

The tenth issue of the journal, entitled Complexity and Sustainability in the Project, was written by Gabriella Padovano and Cesare Blasi from the Politecnico di Milano and features four architectural practices: Ateliers Jean Nouvel, Xefirotarch (Hernan Diaz Alonso), Tom Wiscombe Architecture, and MONAD Studio.

Architetti covers MONAD Studio’s Wolfsonian Satellite Pavilion, Miami. The text below is a description of the project written by Padovano and Blasi:

Founded in 2002 by Eric Goldemberg and Veronica Zalcberg, MONAD Studio is a design research practice with focus on spatial perception related to rhythmic affect, with explorations ranging from the scale of urban plans to buildings, and from landscape to installations and product design. MONAD Studio’s designs highlight the range and complexity of sensations involved in constructing rhythmic ensembles. The activity that results from intense digital design is not only revealed through structural or programmatic constraints but take a much more important presence in the articulation of the topology of buildings. The work of MONAD Studio has been published and exhibited. Eric Goldemberg is currently the Digital Design Coordinator and Full-Time Professor at Florida International University. Veronica Zalcberg taught design studios at Columbia University and New Jersey Institute of Technology.

MONAD Studio was founded by The College of Architecture + The Arts’ Eric Goldemberg, Associate Professor, and Veronica Zalcberg, architect.

The featured image is provided courtesy of MONAD Studio/Eric Goldemberg + Veronica Zalcberg.

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