Marilys Nepomechie and Jason Chandler Participate in ‘Uncharted Territories,’ 2015 ACSA Administrators Conference


From November 12-15, CARTA Associate Dean and Professor Marilys Nepomechie, 2015-16 President of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture; and Jason Chandler, Chair and Associate Professor of Architecture; participated in Uncharted Territories, the 2015 ACSA Administrators Conference.  The conference, hosted by the University of Puerto Rico, focused on the range of emergent challenges currently facing architecture program administrators.  With over 200 attendees from across five continents, the event marked the first time in over three decades that a national ACSA conference had been held on the island, and served to re-introduce its three professional programs to the larger ACSA membership.

Professor Chandler presented the work of FIU Online, and with NJIT colleague Richard Garber, led the Directors’/Chairs’ discussion, titled Making: Digital Curriculum and Today’s Student.  Professor Nepomechie led discussions on ACSA and NAAB; on the upcoming launch of the interactive digital web edition of the Guide to Architecture Schools; as well as on current governance, research, and international multi-collateral initiatives of the ACSA board.

This article was written with the help of Marilys Nepomechie, CARTA Associate Dean and Architecture Professor.

The featured image is provided by ACSA.

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