Graduate student thesis project wins award



Recognizing outstanding achievements from graduate students and faculty mentors is what Graduate Student Appreciation Week is all about, March 25-29th 2013.

After a week long of events, on Friday, March 29, the University Graduate School Provost Awards honored Architecture student Ana Benatuil with the “Graduate Student Outstanding Creative Product” for her project “Designing for Sea Level Rise.” Benatuil explained that her project is “focused on the effects of climate change in Downtown Miami including the threats and opportunities for sustainable retrofit presented by the prospect of significant sea level rise by the next century.”

Professor Marilys Nepomechie mentored Ana, and encourage her throughout the project. “I am very grateful to her because she always sees the potential in my work, and guides me to surpass my own expectations” Benatuil said.

“Designing for Sea Level Rise” was part of a yearlong thesis project that Ana began working on in fall 2012. “I am honored to have received this award, I am proud that my work is being recognized, but at the same time, it is motivation to continue working hard in this career that I enjoy so much” Ana reflects. This project was previously awarded a scholarship from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Florida Foundation for Architecture.

Ana has been a proud panther since her freshman year and is set to graduate this Spring. “I am extremely happy to have landed here and I feel proud” Ana concludes.


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