Graduate Design 6 and Formative Studio 2 Visit Savannah to Study the Architectural Sketch

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Students in the FIU Department of Architecture visited Savannah during the weekend of February 5th to 7th. Students from Graduate Design 6 and Formative Studio were joined on the trip by Team Leader Jason Chandler (Chair and Associate Professor), Henry Rueda (Visiting Assistant Professor), and Adjunct Lecturers Juan Alayo , Cynthia Ottchen, Jorge San Martin, Elizabeth Camargo, and Arnaldo Sanchez.

Students examined Savannah’s clear and explicit city edge along the Savannah River, the city’s urban structure, and grand private homes that measure up to the scale of public buildings. They also studied the infill housing structure in the city, the commercial buildings on Main Street, and Savannah’s square and block typology. Students were assigned to create sketches that related and responded to their experiences in the historic port town.

Those who participated in the trip took various walking tours across Savannah. They visited sites such as the Telfair Academy building, 8-10 East Taylor Street on Monterey Square, the Jepson Center, and Telfair Square.

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