FIU Students Participate in ‘Building the City of the Future’ at Innovation and Engineering Weekend


On Saturday, February 21st and Sunday, February 22nd, FIU Architecture faculty and students participated in exhibits at the Innovation & Engineering Weekend: Building the City of the Future, hosted by the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science.

The students exhibited with two teams at the museum’s events.

The topic of upcycling was demonstrated by students from Instructor and Fabrication Lab Manager Eric Peterson’s Special Topics Seminar: Furniture Design and Fabrication. The FIU Architecture students discussed the materials and fabrication research they are conducting in the seminar. They showed museum patrons how they are using shipping pallets and other packaging and shipping materials in the design and fabrication of furniture, ergonomic studies, and material assembly prototypes. The students involved in the upcycling workshop were:

Michael Drew
Jose Estrada
Alexandra Fernandez
Malcolm Jones
Larissa Marenco
Dontavius Pittman
Maurice Noisette
Larissa Marenco
Ingrid Olarte
Dontavius Pittman
Alexia Virue

In the second team of “3D+,” FIU Architecture students collaborated with the Geographic Information Systems Center (GIS Center) at FIU and the FIU College of Engineering and Computing. The 3D+ team – which also comprises the I-CAVE imaging group led by the Department of Architecture’s Dr. Winifred Newman (more information: CARTA News: August 2014) – explored the possibilities of using mixed reality in research and instruction. The FIU students, faculty and staff involved in 3D+ were:

Dr. Winifred Newman (Lead Faculty, FIU Architecture)
Evan Cook (FIU GIS)
Laura de la Vega (FIU Architecture)
Hazai Ergun (FIU College of Engineering and Computing)
Jennifer Fu (FIU GIS)
Giovanna Gallardo (FIU Architecture)
Julian Himadri (FIU GIS)
Bhuiyan Munir (FIU College of Engineering and Computing)
Leonardo Nediani (FIU Architecture)
Crismary Pascarella (FIU Architecture)
Dr. Nipesh Pradhananga (FIU College of Engineering and Computing)
Matthew Toro (FIU GIS)
Jaime Vado (FIU Architecture)

Innovation & Engineering Weekend participants uncovered visions for Building the City of the Future, through the lenses of architecture and design, energy, the environment, and transportation. Throughout the four-day event, participants had the unique opportunity to share their thoughts and visions on how to collectively improve Miami’s urban landscape and use of public spaces with leaders from Gehl Studio, a global urban design firm. Gehl Studio collected input on how the new Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science building (opening in downtown Miami in 2016) can best support innovation and technological advances in the South Florida community. (Source: The Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science)

The images in this article are provided courtesy of Giovanna Gallardo.

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