Fifth annual international CRUNCH workshop hosted on Zoom


Thomas Spiegelhalter, associate professor from FIU’s College of Architecture + The Arts and co-director of the Structural and Environmental Technologies Laboratory (SET Lab), hosted the fifth international conference of the collaborative E.U. Belmont/Horizon 2020 and NSF Climate Resilient Urban Nexus Choices (CRUNCH) workshop via Zoom on April 2.

The two-day conference was originally planned to be held at FIU’s Miami Beach Urban Studios along with a public exhibition of research work with carbon-neutral design projects, movies, animations and 3D-printed models all focused on a timeline from 2019-2100 in the Washington Gallery for one month. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the exhibition has been postponed to late fall and the workshop conference was converted into a cloud-based Zoom video session.

The CRUNCH team who worked with principal investigator, Spiegelhalter, included Dr. Levented Juhász, research associate from FIU’s Geographic Information Systems Center, Srikanth Namuduri, senior data scientist for machine learning from the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering presented their online beta Integrated Design Support System (IDDS) tool for citizens in the City of South Miami and Miami Beach.

The newly developed integrated design support system beta app includes carbon-neutral and green-blue infrastructural big data processing for renewable energy, organic food, water issues, demography and pandemic and climate change resilience baseline analysis and scenario modeling linked to a timeline from 2019 to 2100 with innovative design projects. The beta version of this app will be available for the last workshop conference in London in April 2021. The next conference workshop is planned in Taipei, China for Sept. 2020 depending on the COVID-19 situation.

Spiegelhalter, along with a team of international researchers, was awarded $1.9 million for their three-year CRUNCH project back in Feb. 2018. The research project was selected from a pool of 79 projects as part of the joint call Sustainable Urbanization Global Initiative (SUGI), organized by Urban Intelligent Europe JPI, EU Horizon 2020 and the Belmont Forum with support from the European commission. The three-year CRUNCH project consists of 19 strategically selected universities, industries, and business partners from six countries – the UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, USA and China.

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