Eric Goldemberg Interviewed on China’s CCTV for 3D Printed Instruments


Associate Professor Eric Goldemberg was interviewed by national Chinese news outlet CCTV, as a result of his and MONAD Studio partner Veronica Zalcberg’s participation in the the World 3D Printing Technology Industry Conference in Chengdu, China.

Watch the Video Here

In the broadcast, Goldemberg discussed the 3D-printed musical instruments MONAD Studio has designed and printed. The musical project includes five different instruments, all 3D-printed and mounted onto a “wall of sound” triptych made of CNC-milled, high-density foam panels that serve as an instrument rack, bandshell, and sonic device. A violin, cello, and guitar occupy the front of this free-standing spine, and the back holds two new, unprecedented wind instruments in the family of the coiling drone-pipes. BBC calls MONAD Studio’s piezoelectric violin “one of the most radical musical instruments ever created.” Discovery News says that the violin “looks like the future of music.” The musical project has been presented at the 3D Print Design Show in New York and across the globe in various cities including Tokyo, Moscow, and St. Petersburg.

MONAD Studio has integrated architecture and music with the collaboration of seven FIU Architecture students, through a course taught by Goldemberg. This has been a new interdisciplinary project with musician and luthier Scott F. Hall to create a sonic installation with musical performances, some of which occurred at the Javits Convention Center (designed by I.M.Pei) from April 16th-17th. The architecture and music integration project is part of Goldemberg’s research for his upcoming book FEEDBACK: Architecture + Music, under contract with eVolo and distribution by ACTAR.

The students who particpated in the project exhibited at 3D Print Design Show were: Hex Ceballos, Stephanie Colon, Albert Elias, Jack Garcia, Stephany Guinan, Manuel Perez-Trujillo, and Zoe Russian.

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