FIU CARTA Introduces a New Masters Track in Interdisciplinary Health Care Design


FIU’s College of Communications, Architecture and the Arts is proposing a new masters track in Interdisciplinary Health Care Design (MAA) to commence in Fall 2017.

The advanced design track under the department of Interior Architecture came about due to the recent demand and influx of design research related jobs and healthcare design specialization. The healthcare industry itself is projected to add over 4 million jobs —more than any other industry between 2012 and 2022 and it is projected to be among the fastest growing industries in the economy, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

“The increasing growth and complexity of global healthcare makes this a very important area of design. In healthcare design, the impact of design quality particularly influences patient well-being and staff productivity,” explained Interior Architecture Department Chair, Janine King.

This growth is directly connected to the recent emphasis in health care design within the Architectural and Interior design community. Major developments across the country have had an emergence in healthcare design such as the establishment of The American Institute of Architects Design & Health Research Consortium and Center for Health Design and the growth of health care design degree programs at research universities.

Because of this collaborative and interdisciplinary world that has come forth, CARTA has created this advanced degree track that will prepare students to enhance their professional credentials with specialized skills and expertise in evidence-based solutions in a variety of healthcare delivery settings. The program will also address regional issues such as the burgeoning aging population of Florida, multi-cultural wellness, delivery of healthcare to under served populations, as well as active living, and international healthcare needs.

“We want students to not only understand future trends in healthcare but also challenge and shape it. In other words to envision  ‘what-if’ scenarios that practitioners might be constrained  or are not currently addressing,” said Associate Professor, Newton D’Souza.

Additionally, this new program offers international FIU faculty and students the opportunity to export design related knowledge and integrate it into the cultures of emerging economies that seek to improve the healthcare delivery in foreign countries, preparing students to address the globalization of healthcare and provide study abroad opportunities for FIU students within the MA programs.

CARTA’s MAA track, offers a trans-disciplinary curriculum that prepares our graduates for meaningful careers and leadership in their chosen professions. The different aspects that this unique program provides are beneficial to our students and reiterate the mission of CARTA; a mission that celebrates information, innovation, and cultural economy of South Florida and beyond.

To learn more about the track please visit: MAA Track

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