David Rifkind helps Curate, Visionary Metropolis: Tony Garnier’s ‘Une Cité Industrielle’ at the Wolfsonian


Associate Professor and Associate Dean of Students, David Rifkind, was asked by the FIU Department of History to be a guest curator of Tony Garnier’s exhibition titled, Visionary Metropolis: Tony Garnier’s ‘Une Cité Industrielle’. The exhibition is part of the National Endowment for the Humanities grant awarded to Florida International University.

Visionary Metropolis features the work of Tony Garnier, an acclaimed French architect, which spent over a decade conceptualizing and illustrating a new urban plan that would benefit both the social and environmental aspect of society. He produced for this project, demonstrating his ideas on how rational design could mitigate the destructive impacts of industrial development. Essentially making Une Cité Industrielle, is one of the most prominent attempts to recreate the modern city.

The exhibit is presented by Ecohumanities for Cities in Crisis (ecohumanities.fiu.edu), a series of events exploring the relationship between urbanism and ecology. It is supported by the Public Square Initiative of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Visionary Metropolis includes more than twenty designs, drawings and illustrations that Garnier produced and is available for viewing the Wolfsonian–FIU until February. August 13 2016 – February 26 2017 | The Wolfsonian–FIU, 1001 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, FL

For more information regarding Visionary Metropolis: Tony Garnier’s ‘Une Cité Industrielle’ please visit the Wolfsonian website

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Images credited to: The Wolfsonian

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