Collaboration with Viktoria Modesta Revolutionizes the Future for Instruments and Prosthetics Design


Florida International University’s Prof. Eric Goldemberg, alongside Veronica Zalcberg from MONAD Studio teamed up with Anouk Wipprecht to design 3D printed instruments and interactive sonic body enhancements for UK based, bionic pop artist, Viktoria Modesta.

The collaborative effort consisted of the incorporation of different disciplines that include architecture, design and art to create a new form of artistic expression. The result being a transdisciplinary endeavor that pushes the boundaries of design, fashion, engineering and technology to break the preconceived notion that one must always practice their own discipline.

img_7997Goldemberg, Zalcberg and Wipprecht put forth their best attributes to begin a study that focused on the natural world and the different methodologies that govern our bodily movements, structure and environment. They used everything from simple sketches to 3D printed elements a create titanium instruments and a prosthetic leg and sonic bustier for Viktoria, equipped with sensors and actuators that allow her to modulate the sound during her live performances.

This revolutionary project has attracted attention from new outlets including BBC News, Forbes Life, Discovery Channel News, MSNBC and other media publications. Extended invitations have allowed MONAD Studio and Viktoria to showcase and present their work for the Young Artists Initiative party at the Moore Building in the Miami Design District in October. As well, two Art Basel performances last week at the New World Symphony in Miami Beach and the VICE Miami Headquarters.

Most recently, Goldemberg was invited to present his highly acclaimed experimental work with 3D printed instruments at the AA Visiting School Global Summit 2016 in Bedford Square, London. He presented his lecture titled, ‘Hollow-body Architecture: Instrumenting the Body’. The lecture was followed a live performance by Scott F. Hall, a soundscape playing the 3D-printed titanium violin.

MONAD Studio and Wipprecht, together have been able to create architectural and fashion design hybrid projects that transcend human limitations and the music industry; fabricating innovative objects that are both aesthetic and functional, paving the future for designers and manufacturing.

To read more about Professor Goldemberg studio’s project please visit his MONAD Studio page.

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