Cejas Scholars Faculty Awards



The 2012–13 Cejas Fellowships winners have been announced!

We congratulate the faculty members that were awarded the fellowships to work towards their initiative projects.

Professor Thomas Spiegelhalter was awarded $3000 towards his project, “The Paul L. Cejas NET- ZEB Initiative: No architectural school left behind”. Spiegelhalter will develop a master plan towards research on energy retrofitting and efficiency for the Paul Cejas Architecture School Complex. He plans to  demonstrate how the school can efficiently minimize its impact on the environment and be transformed into a net-zero energy building.

Professors Marilys Nepomechie and Marta Canaves were awarded $3,000 for their initiative: “Miami 2100: A New Aqueous City | Envisioning Miami’s Next Century”. Through a gallery exhibition and an associated exhibition, professors Nepomechie and Canaves will document the design research and multi-disciplinary academic study on the effects of sea level rise on coastal areas of Miami, Florida that has been conducted over the past two years

Professor Winifred E. Newman was awarded $2,000 for his research towards a new book, “The Engineering of Aesthetics”. Newman will be discussing the history of architecture technology, focusing on the structural systems in relation to the their cultural context. This book will be a great resource for students of architecture and engineering; since it will give a historical and functional understanding of how and why structures emerge in context

Professor Shahin Vassigh was awarded $2,000 for her initiative, “Learning Resilient Building Design”. Vassigh will be testing a prototype learning software that will facilitate the understanding of scientific basis for designing resilient buildings for extreme climatic conditions. The project aims to enable students to integrate the principles of resilient building design into their design projects.

Professors Eric Goldemberg, Alfredo Andia and Nick Gelpi were awarded $2,000 for their, “Trans-disciplinary Digital Symposium/Festival: Architecture + Music”. They will be integrating the disciplines of architecture and music in order to evaluate the digital processes and digital effects of measuring sensate matter in space through composition. The initiative will introduce research from people who collaborated, and  promote discussion through theory panels and digitally driven workshops.

The CARTA School of Architecture is extremely proud to have faculty members, who with creativity and research, create projects that are dedicated to benefit the school and its students.



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