Bernardo Fort-Brescia, Founding Principal of Arquitectonica and CARTA Advisory Board member, Provides His Insight to the Commonwealth Financial Network Top Management and Advisors


Commonwealth Financial Network® (CFN) founded in 1979 by Joe Deitch, Chairman, has grown to be the nation’s largest privately held broke dealer. It is headquartered in Boston and has 1,450 advisors nationwide. CFN had their Chairman’s Retreat at the Mandarin Oriental from January 10th to the 13th with the top management and advisors. Joe Deitch presented the theme “Arts Architecture and Innovation.”

Joe, who has lived in Key Biscayne and South Beach, is fascinated by the innovation in the Miami Dade area through arts and architecture.

Rick Tonkinson, Chairman of the CARTA Advisory Board, who was one of the advisors in attendance, was most pleased to learn that Joe and CFN, in essence, embrace the linkage of CARTA with the business community. Joe believes that the Miami and Miami Beach area is the best example in the country of how arts and architecture are a major part of the community’s commercial success. As a prominent financial service organization, CFN and their advisors fully support and appreciate the local dynamics.

Joe Deitch wisely selected Bernardo Fort-Brescia to make a presentation titled “Making Dreams Come True.” Joe and Bernardo had a Q&A session with the 75 attendees where Bernardo expressed his insights into Miami, architecture and running a family business. He started by saying that Miami is an “open city to start a business and that anything can happen.” In his case, Bernardo started Arquitectonica with his wife in 1977 in Miami and together they have developed the firm into a global success with 10 offices and over 60 major projects completed throughout the world.

Bernardo humbly admitted that as an architect, he is “blessed to be able to touch and see his completed works” and that “his wife has been a major part of the family business’ success.”

Bernardo enjoyed describing the balance between functionality vs. creativity and that he does not cut short on the content (functionality).

Bernardo enjoyed how the continual innovation of glass in the past 20 years has allowed him to significantly enhance the projects environment through the full use of day light.

Joe and the attendees thoroughly enjoyed Bernardo’s passionate presentation.

We are indeed fortunate to have Bernardo as a CARTA Advisory Board member. His enthusiasm for CARTA and Miami makes him an outstanding spokesman for us. He has become and will continue to be a prominent part of the community. He is a visionary.

*(From left to right in photo: Bernardo Fort-Brescia, Joe Deitch and Rick Tonkinson)

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