Automated Architecture: Lecture by Dr. Alfredo Andia


Dr. Alfredo Andia, Associate Professor at the College of Architecture + the Arts, will speak on October 24th as part of the 2013-2014 lecture series provided by the School of Architecture. Dr. Andia will address architecture and the construction industry and their relation to current advances in automation – the use of automatic machinery for production or manufacturing. “Computers and particularly the contemporary wave of second generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms are allowing a new level of automation control,” said Dr. Andia. “AI algorithms today define the patrol route of the Los Angeles police, drive unmanned cars, grade English papers, write sports news, control the bots that fulfill your order, prepare 2,500 sushi per hour in Japan, and select companies that receive venture capital investment in less than two weeks. Automation…is transforming all types of jobs and entire industries. The lecture will show how the future of architecture and the construction industry will intersect these changes.”

Dr. Andia has lectured at more than twenty universities and research institutes across the globe, in locations like Argentina, Japan, South Africa, and Denmark. He has published more than forty-five papers in venues such as the Journal of Architecture Education and spoken at conferences such as Sigradi and Networked Realities Japan. Dr. Andia received a Master’s degree from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University and a Ph.D. from the College of Environmental Design at the University of California, Berkeley.

For a short preview of Dr. Andia’s lecture “Automated Architecture,” click below:

Towards Algorithmic Generative Design – 1
Towards Algorithmic Generative Design – 2
Towards Algorithmic BIM Design

For more information on Dr. Alfredo Andia, click here.

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