Architecture Students Awarded at Spring 2018 Master’s Project Juries

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The FIU Department of Architecture hosts its annual Master’s Project Juries at the conclusion of each spring semester. This year, the juries were held on April 20, 2018 at Miami Beach Urban Studios (MBUS).

In their final year, graduate students participate in the Master’s Project juries, a cumulative project part of their studio course. The course, led by faculty members, focuses on design topics chosen by the instructor, ranging from urban development to sustainability.

The individual projects are presented to assigned juries consisting of department faculty and invited industry professionals. Once the reviews are completed, the jurors cast votes for the top two, projects from each design studio.

This semester, fifteen students received awards based on design excellence and best overall presentations. One student, Gabriela Soto, was selected as the Super Jury winner.

These juries mark the completion of the students’ masters program and the beginning of their career.

The following is a list of the Spring 2018 Master Project Award Recipients:

Super Jury Winner
Gabriela Soto

Malik Benjamin Studio
Maria Flores
Stephanie Alvarez

Jaime Canaves Studio
Rayni Kovacs
Angel Tamayo & Julio Cepero

Nick Gelpi Studio
Monica Chan
Sandra Mustieles

Eric Goldemberg Studio
Gabriela Soto
Monica Ordonez

Neil Leach Studio
Patricia Aguilar
Jorge Tubella

Eric Peterson Studio
Elise Francis
Mariana Gonzalez

Henry Rueda Studio
Diana Aponte
Ingrid Piedrahita

Service Awards
Jorge Tubella
Maria Flores
Diojanys Gomes
Zalman Meyer

Invited Jurors

Germane Barnes
Willy Bermello
Carlos Bravo
James Brazil
Diego Camargo
Carlos Casuscelli
Rocco Ceo
Robert Chisholm
Adib J. Cure
Albert Elias
Marcelo Ferndandes
Jackie Goldstein
Jonathan Gonzalez
Jeffrey E. Huber
Elite Kedan
Eddie Muniha
Fabiana Possamai
Glenda Puente
Ali Quresh
Zoe Russian
Manos Vermisso

View more pictures from the Spring 2018 Master’s Project Juries, here.

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