Architecture Graduate students sketch historic city of Savannah, Georgia



Savannah, Georgia is known as the first planned city in the United States. It was built on a grid plan system that has been preserved to this day. Being one of the most historic and architecturally rich cities, it was once again the ideal location to host graduate students from FIU’s School of Architecture for the fourth year running.

The students traveled to the historic district of Savannah, Georgia on January 25-27, 2013. A total of 110 students in Graduate Design 6 and Formative Studio 2 were able to walk and study the streets of Savannah with their sketchbooks on standby to capture the beauty during this three-day two-night exploratory excursion.

The students worked on Urbanism and Typologies assignments lead by Associate Professor Jason Chandler, along with seven other faculty members including Stuart, Salazar, Ottchen, Gonzalez, Kedan, Peterson and D’Amore.  After each lecture, the students made architectural sketches based on what they observed, and later converted them into analytical diagrams. The sketches followed the fundamental techniques in orthographic projection, including drawing in plan, section, elevation, and axonometric. The work produced during this excursion forms part of other assignments the students continue working on.

FIU’s School of Architecture received a $20,000 grant from Townhouse Center and the Miami Foundation to cover expenses of this incredible opportunity. Since 2010, a total of 372 students have had the opportunity to travel to Savannah thanks to the support received from grants. We are most grateful.



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