Ana Benatuil Wins Global Impact Competition


Ana Benatuil (M.Arch ’13), a designer/architect at Zyscovich Architects, is one of two Singularity University’s Global Impact Competition Miami winners. She created and submitted a video (linked here) based on her Master Project studio work “Miami 2100 – Cut Fill City” on sea-level rise. Ana will join a trans-disciplinary cohort from around the world in California in Silicon Valley this summer for a 10-week course of studies on sea level rise.

Global Impact Competitions are annual competitions held in partnership with sponsor organizations worldwide and organized by geography and theme. These competitions act as a platform to identify outstanding entrepreneurs, leaders, scientists and engineers with the most innovative ideas for positively impacting millions of lives locally and globally within the next 3-5 years. The winner of each competition is invited to attend the Graduate Studies Program (GSP) at Singularity University free of charge. This year, with support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the 2015 Global Impact Competition in Miami invited applicants to propose innovative solutions to sea-level rise in South Florida. (Source: Singularity University)

Singularity University (SU) is a benefit corporation headquartered at NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley. SU provides educational programs, innovative partnerships and a start-up accelerator to help individuals, businesses, institutions, investors, NGOs, and governments understand cutting-edge technologies and how to utilize these technologies to positively impact billions of people. Since being founded by Peter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil in 2008, SU has empowered individuals from more than 85 countries to apply exponentially growing technologies – artificial intelligence & robotics, biotechnology, nanotechnology & digital fabrication, networks & computing systems, and medicine & neuroscience – to address humanity’s grand challenges: education, energy, environment, food, health, poverty, security, space and water. (Source: Singularity University)

Ana Benatuil’s “Miami 2100 – Cut Fill City” was completed at FIU under the guidance of Professor Marilys Nepomechie.  The project was chosen by AIA National to be exhibited at the AIA Center for Emerging Professionals Annual Exhibition 2014, at the AIA National Headquarters in Washington DC.

This article was written with the help of Ashley Nicole Garcia, Coordinator, Advancement/Alumni Affairs.

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