An FIU Architecture Alum, Patricia Aguilar Achieved More Than She Expected


Written By: Melissa Cancio

As an international student from Honduras, Patricia Aguilar made it her goal to pursue her Master of Arts degree in Architecture at Florida International University. According to her, it was always her ideal university, especially since she would be living in Miami throughout her collegiate years.

Abiding by the U.S. Immigration and Customs employment regulations limited her employment opportunities. Aftertaking a class at Miami Beach Urban Studios, she became intrigued with the Innovation Lab and wanted to learn more about 3D printing. She was determined to learn 3D printing, and after plenty of trial and error, Patricia became so proficient at it that she was hired at MBUS as a Lab Assistant.

While working at MBUS, she learned about a once in a lifetime opportunity in Shanghai, China. Thanks to Professor Chandler, she was able to apply amongst other FIU students and have a chance to partake in this prestigious workshop. While in China last summer, Patricia worked on a Pneumatic Wearables project at Tongi University. This project was a success and led to her being asked to participate in the inaugural celebration for the FIU’s Robotics and Digital Laboratory (RDF Lab).

Her hard work paid off and her reputation helped open doors to more exciting opportunities. Through MBUS, Patricia met the Professor Robert Chambers, whom asked her to assist him with 3D printing objects for an art exhibition that he was working on. The Serepens: Serenoa Reopensexhibition opened last month at the Artist in Residence Everglades gallery.

Currently, Patricia works at 2+ Architects firms as an intern. Her experiences have taught her that it is important to keep up with technology and to continue to learn new skills. One important piece of advice she offers to new students is to “never feel limited in what you can accomplish and make the most of opportunities to learn and network. Hard work and professionalism open many doors.”

One thing is for sure, Patricia will accomplish whatever she sets her mind to – obstacles or not. She is an amazing role model to FIU students and employees. Thank you for all that you do, Patricia!

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