AIAS Art Auction, a Success


The American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) at the College of Architecture + The Arts hosted a successful Gallery Night Art Auction on October 24th.  AIAS Vice President Camila Borges reviewed the event, which was done in an effort to raise funds for the mission and function of the FIU chapter.

“On October 24th, the FIU AIAS (American Institute of Architecture Students) chapter held an Art Auction in efforts to promote the organization and give recognition to artists among the school’s community. We invited all students and faculty to participate, as well as a few outside artists and a student from Design Architecture Senior High School. The participants responded to an open call that was announced through e-mail, posters, social media, and word of mouth. The mission was to have artists donate a piece to the organization, have the piece set up in a silent auction, and sell the piece to the highest bidder. It was an exciting evening, because several individuals were able to showcase their work and show us what they do outside of the studio environment. We wanted to design an event that allowed everyone to have a good time, with good company, surrounded by creativity. The turnout was great, with about 77 pieces being auctioned off. Submitted pieces ranged from paintings, to photography, to a 3D-printed model.

The FIU AIAS has been going through a great re-focusing period and growth throughout the past year. It was time to raise funds, but to do so in an interactive way that allowed us also to give back to our school community. We are very excited for our future endeavors, which include national conventions, office and site visits, and continued participation with professionals in local AIA Miami events. After the success of the Art Auction, we are eagerly looking forward to our future events. We hope to host another auction in the Spring, with even more artists and entries.”

The FIU AIAS Gallery Night Art Auction was set up by the executive board of the organization: Lourdes Picanes (President), Camila Borges (Vice President), Brigette Perez (Treasurer), and Chris Akins (Social Chair). The following individuals had pieces put up for auction:

Cesar Garcia     Stephanie Dovale (DASH)     Alice Dahbura-Borges    Olga Kusche-Iglesias     Frederick “Ricky” Lopez     Jhoana De Feria

Priscilla Cuadra     Claudia Lopez     Lourdes Picanes     Camila Borges     Anabel Mendt     Gray Read     Marta Canaves     Eric Goldemberg

Sabina Vakhovsky     Manuel Perez-Trujillo     Jose Garcia     Javier Alonso     Delia Rivera     Italo Perez     Xierra Itayem


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Images are provided by the FIU AIAS Chapter.

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