2015 FIU Architecture Scholarship Winners announced!


The 2015 BEA International Scholars and the 2015 Nicolas Quintana Scholars have been announced!

Faculty from the FIU Department of Architecture selected the winners and finalists, who were among a pool of students that applied in January 2015. The BEA International Scholarship Endowment was created to benefit students in the FIU Department of Architecture. This endowment is established in perpetuity. The Nicolas Quintana Scholarship Fund was created to benefit students in the Department of Architecture in memory of architect and educator Nicolas Quintana.

2015 BEA Scholarship Finalists:

Design 4:
Alejandro Gutierrez
Nathalie Restrepo
Ekaterini Kokalias

Design 6:
Brian Rivera
Juan Gatica
Alejandro Diaz
2015 Quintana Scholarship Winners:
Santasha Hart
Julia Sarduy

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