SCJ Instructor Hugo Ottolenghi’s Public Relations courses had the opportunity to partner with the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation for a semester long project. On Thursday, December 1, both classes presented their final video productions to representatives from the organization and SCJ students. The assignment was to create two original, engaging videos explaining one of the Diabetes Research Institute’s projects: “Santa’s Letters.” Students had the opportunity to choose project managers, directors, screenwriters and editors to create a concept that would thoroughly explain the goal of Santa’s Letters in an engaging, fun way. Professor Ottolenghi’s goal in this partnership with the Diabetes Research Institute was to create a teaching hospital with real-world projects that students were actively engaged in.

Both of Ottolenghi’s classes had the opportunity to work on the client project. Santa’s Letters will send a personalized letter – complete with a North Pole stamp – to any child, in any part of the world for a minimum $15.00 donation to the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation. The personalized letters, which can be requested by parents, grandparents, or any other family member can include all kinds of information, like a reference to any toy or game on the child’s wish list or whether he/she has been naughty or nice this year. Santa can even tell them that he knows how well they have been managing their diabetes. The fundraising campaign is open to all families everywhere, not just those affected by diabetes. The partnership and videos were a total success!

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